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Home Insurance Quotes Ontario | McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers

We shop home insurance for you.

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Consider your prized possessions covered.


At McFarlan Rowlands, we treat each home insurance policy as if it were our own. Our specialists are trained to know your insurance requirements based on location, value, contents, as well as other contributing factors.


Home Insurance Inventory Checklist

Household Inventory Worksheet


The following household inventory worksheet is designed for homeowners to complete and store in a safety deposit box or fire safe.

Household Inventory Fillable Worksheet

Top factors that help us determine your home insurance policy:
Location of home to be insured
Value of home to be insured
Vlue of insured contents in the home

Let us shop insurance for you.

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A few items you’ll need:
  • Personal Information:
    • Name, Date of Birth, Address
  • Dwelling Information
    • Year Built, Building Structure, Construction Type, & Heating System
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